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Over-The-Top platforms drastically changed the way media is consumed in recent years, with super fast download speeds and low latency, viewers of video on demand will have an experience that will be completely new.

Over-the-top (OTT) platforms have dramatically changed the way we consume media in recent years. With OTT services now common to homes around the world, consumer expectations for streaming sites continue to grow in tandem with this expansion.

OTT platforms

Over-the-top platforms and applications, or OTT platforms, are applications that offer video content over the internet instead of cable or satellite television (the traditional way). They allow you to instantly stream videos on mobile devices (Smartphones and tablets), web and televisions that use devices such as Chromecast, AppleTV and Amazon Fire TV, as well as SmartTVs.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a broadcaster, freelance producer, or multimedia brand, clear content, audience, and marketing strategies are critical to the success of every OTT video in business. Quality content, audience, and content strategy are essential for every OTT platform. They are part of every video business growth roadmap.

As demands for high-quality content and streaming increase, 5G connectivity presents the perfect opportunity to push the OTT viewer experience to the next level. With super-fast 5G download speeds – up to ten times faster than current networks – and low latency, viewers of video on demand will be able to say goodbye to video buffering and stop and start streaming.

5G technology will bring together the cloud computing infrastructures that are vital for delivering OTT services to end users, allowing for real-time processing and minimal latency.

By bringing processing to local 5G-compliant “macro” towers, the user experience is no longer constrained by distant servers or the computing power of the individual device.

Today’s 5G networks are still in their infancy, but the scale of 5G’s impact on media consumption is beginning to be seen. Whether you’re driving immersive VR experiences on users’ favorite movies, allowing them to stream sporting events online without delay, or simply allowing them to install into a series without waiting for it to be re-buffered. 5G promises to take OTT media viewing to new heights.

In that context, 5G is critical to advancing virtual reality for streaming services, as complex virtual reality processing can be done in the cloud with more computational power.

Along with the quality of the content itself, the video streaming standard is the main criteria influencing customer satisfaction for OTT platforms.

With 5G networks promising to deliver faster speeds and a more reliable connection, viewers will no longer have to deal with the common frustrations of slow loading times and midway stops and stutters.

The next steps

The adoption of 5G by the streaming giants is already beginning, it is only a matter of time before other OTT platforms partner with 5G providers in an attempt to meet customer demands and stay ahead of the game. streaming wars.

The excitement around 5G for viewers also applies to streaming on mobile devices.