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A new project is born by the hand of the director Valeria Hofmann and starring the actress Mariana di Girolamo: ALIEN0089, a short film based on real life about sexism and gender violence in the world of video games.

Gender violence, sexism and video games come together in this thriller led by

two Chilean women, the director Valeria Hofmann in charge of its direction, and starring the actress Mariana di Girolamo.

The short film is about a real case about the story of Sabina (27), a shooting video game gamer who lives alone on the outskirts of the city, through the first-person perspective of an Unknown User who comes to her house , we discover that Sabina suffers harassment by men inside and outside the video game. The story culminates in a revenge that will traverse the real and digital world through Sabina’s user: ALIEN0089.

According to a study carried out in 2020, “Gender, gamers and videogames, an approach from a gender perspective to video game consumption and the situation of female players in the sector”, the most common insults within the digital community are that “Women shouldn’t play.” According to a survey conducted by the same short film production team, 72% of the gamers surveyed admitted to having been victims of this phenomenon.

“This short film makes visible that, even on the Internet, where we have the possibility to be free and to design our identity, the patterns of men and women are still repeated,” said Valeria, the director of the project, who also added that “for some time I was experimenting with virtual settings as a space to reflect on violence in everyday life ”.

Crowfunding campaign

To finance the post-production stage, $ 15 million chilean pesos are needed that ALIEN0089 seeks to reach through a crowfunding campaign through the Kickstarter platform that will be active until April 15, 2021.

The team emphasizes that this stage is crucial to be able to create an investing atmosphere that emulates the experience of playing and living within a video game, in addition to portraying the reality of a gamer in the first person.

Incentives to contribute range from access to unreleased material from the short to credits from the executive producer.

To contribute, you must enter the Kickstarter website and choose the amount to donate. You can do it by going to