of Creative Business.

The creative industry is in constant growth. Its importance on the world economy is rising. Today, in Chile, Colombia, as well as LATAM, there are many creative projects in development or in its initial stage, which can benefit from our expert guidance for them to grow strong and consolidate.

Innovation, culture, entertainment and technology are key pieces for the economic development of a nation. New companies in these areas are the future leaders of the economy and we, Creative Law, want to be there to support you in manifesting your projects and achieving your goals.

Creative Law Incubator’s goal is to accompany, guide and assist, both legally and technically, all types of creative projects that are in its initial phase design, prototype or development, with the purpose of solving critical start-up problems, from financing to launch, making your project a reality. To achieve the consolidation of projects that are presented to us, we have a highly trained legal team, experts advisors in all areas of the creatives industries.


We invite you to write to us to evaluate your creative project.