Chile, the most innovative economy in the Latin American region according to the Global Innovation Index 2021.
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The country reached position 53 out of 132 nations that participated in the measurement, ranking first within the Latin American region followed by Mexico in position 55, and Costa Rica and Brazil in positions 56 and 57 respectively.

The World Intellectual Property Organization (OMPI) released its latest version of the Global Innovation Index 2021 that measures the main trends in innovation globally and lists economies according to their performance. This year Chile once again led the list among Latin American countries, rising one step in the ranking and thus gradually resuming its level in the index that evaluates 132 economies from different continents and that for this opportunity highlighted the incidence of the pandemic of COVID-19 in innovation.

To prepare this measurement, OMPI, which is part of the United Nations, takes into account factors such as institutions, human capital and research, infrastructure, business and market development, as well as creative knowledge production.

Thus, among the countries of the region, Chile appears first in position 53 worldwide. They are followed by Mexico, in position 55, and Costa Rica and Brazil, in positions 56 and 57 respectively. Then there is Uruguay as the fifth most innovative economy in Latin America, and the 65th in the world. And then Colombia, in position 67 out of 132.

After the results, the National Director of INAPI, stated that “we see with optimism the consolidation of Chile in the first place in Latin America and the Caribbean within the framework of this measurement, which shows a growing and growing local innovation ecosystem. robust institutions that operate as articulating agents. This trend has also made it possible to show the importance that the creators of new technologies have assigned to the protection of their developments, through the use of the industrial property system. In addition, it is a study that allows targeting opportunities for improvement, based on a global perspective.

On the other hand, among the weaknesses indicated in the measurement results, there are issues related to the diversification of the local industry; creativity in goods and services; the dissemination of knowledge and exports of TIC services.

At the top of the ranking, the top 10 of the world’s most innovative economies in 2021 is led by Switzerland, followed by Sweden, the United States, the United Kingdom and the Republic of Korea. They are followed by the Netherlands, Finland, Singapore, Denmark and Germany, in that order.