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In its second 100% online version, one of the most important animation festivals in the world and the only one in Chile to qualify for the Oscars in its category returns for the tenth consecutive year.

On July 7, the tenth version of the CHILEMONOS International Animation Festival began, which has recognized national and international exponents and will run until next Sunday, July 25. Among its activities will include free exhibitions in Onda Media, conferences, master classes and workshops that will be given by renowned exponents of animation, such as Christian Andrade (Unreal Engine), Fernando Salem (“Petit, the series”) and Mario Quiñones ( Mold).

For this year, CHILEMONOS seeks to celebrate one of its most important versions despite the challenge of the pandemic, reaching the largest possible number of attendees despite the distance due to confinement through a 100% online festival, which has allowed to decentralize the festival and reach people from all over Chile and the world.

The competing exhibition can be viewed from all over Latin America completely free of charge, thanks to an alliance with the OndaMedia platform, of the Department of Cultural Citizenship of the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage, from where they will be broadcast.

The audience will be able to access all those productions that participate in the competition of the 10th Chilemonos International Festival, which is divided into the following categories: International Competition of Animated Short Films, Latin American Competition of Animated Short Films, Latin American Competition of School Short Films, International Competition of School Short Films, Latin American Competition for Animated Series and Latin American Competition + Spain for Animated Feature Films.

To be part of the festival and be able to access its free activities, it is necessary to register on the official site of the event (

First Latin festival to form a joint jury.

This will be the first festival in the world to form a joint jury, the initiative has been characterized by promoting the participation of women in its activities and in this version it wanted to go a step further, forming the first joint jury of an instance of this kind.

Among the women who will be part of this jury are directors, producers, designers and audiovisual producers, both national and international.

Made up of 15 women and 15 men, experts in animation will give their verdict to choose one of the different productions participating in each competition as the winner.