Tarantino in the world of NFTs.
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Renowned film director Quentin Tarantino will auction 7 unpublished scenes from one of his classics, “Pulp Fiction”, as well as original handwritten scripts for the play, among others.

Quentin Tarantino announced at the annual NFT.NYC digital assets conference that he was going to auction unreleased content from the movie “Pulp Fiction,” one of his biggest feature films of his career, through tokens on the NFT OpenSea marketplace.

“I’m excited to introduce these exclusive Pulp Fiction scenes to fans,” Tarantino says in a statement. “Secret Network and Secret NFT bring a whole new world to connect fans and artists, and I’m thrilled to be a part of that.”

Not many details of the auction have been revealed yet to raise buzz, but Tarantino has confirmed that the tokens will be tied to handwritten pages from his film’s original script revealing new information about the film’s development process, buyers. They will also be able to access all the variations, notes, scribbles and even spelling errors in the text. The director has also indicated that he expects the Pulp Fiction NFTs to be released in about a month.

Pulp Ficition’s raw scene digital assets will be auctioned on the NFT OpenSea market, one of the largest in the world, according to CNBC. These tokens will also have a particularity: they have been created through the Secret Network, a blockchain ecosystem that encrypts the transaction data and property of the NFTs, in such a way that only those responsible for that private network will know the identity of buyers and the final cost.

People who acquire Tarantino NFTs will be able to choose whether they want to reveal their content or not, according to the website Tarantinonfts.com, a site created for the commercialization of these assets. “The owner will have the freedom to choose between keeping the secrets to himself, sharing them with trusted people or sharing them with everyone,” specifies the page.

In this way, Quentin Tarantino joins other artists such as David Lynch, Lindsay Lohan or Snoop Dogg, who have also recently launched their own NFTs.

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